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Specialist Dentist-Prosthodontist

What’s a Prosthodontist-Dentist ?

  A Prosthodontist is a dentist who after 5 years in dental school receives 3 additional years of accredited training to mainly restore large cases and the esthetically challenging ones. Some Prosthodontists like Dr Raad have additional surgical training which allows them to place implants and do advanced surgeries. These are unique skills that are combined in one specialist Dr Raad. Prior to that you have to be referred from the general dentist to the surgeon who then sends you to a Prosthodontist. With Dr Raad’s knowledge and expertise you won’t have to be referred anywhere. Dr Raad can take care of all your dental needs from A to Z.  From simple cases to large full mouth reconstructions, Dr Raad has extensive knowledge with implants, dentures and crown and bridge. Dr Raad is proud of his work and stands behind it. He lectures nationally and internationally regarding implants and was an Assistant Professor at Boston University in the specialties department. Dr Raad was the first dentist to use computer assisted surgeries at Boston University and he has treated all type of complex cases. At Luxor Dental you won’t have to worry about being referred out to a dentist you don’t know for specialty work. We will take care of your dental needs whether they are simple or complex.

Why should I come and see Dr Raad ? My next door dentist says he can do everything a Prosthodontist can do.

When you meet Dr Raad and the team at Luxor Dental you will realize why you need to make the change. Dr Raad encourages people to stay with their local general dentist for their general dentistry work if they are happy. When the time comes to do challenging dentistry, the general dentist has a duty to inform the patient of the presence of better qualified specialists out there to perform the job. The patient should be given the option to seek a specialist if he wishes to so he can make an informed decision. Advanced cases are always better handled by a Prosthodontist. No clinical training or experience can replace academic training in a specific speicalty where speicliast not only study the ways to fix problems but also to better understand these problems and their root cause. This is why Dr Raad wants to make sure patients do seek the help of a Prosthodontist even if the general dentist promises that everything is going to be OK.

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