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Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric dentistry for the elderly :

  Geriatric patients that are not mobile rarely make it to the dental office. They do not get the dental care required to keep their dentition in good shape. The degradation of their dentition reflects on their overall health; it can result in malnutrition and a lower quality of life. Dr Michel Raad is experienced in geriatric dentistry, he performed more than 1000 dentures so far with great success. Dr Raad understands how important chewing food is for the well being of the elderly digestive system and the absorption of nutrients. Dr Raad will come to your home or nursing home to evaluate the situation and propose an adequate treatment for your loved ones.

What can be accomplished on the home visit ?

Extractions can be performed if patient has no major medical conditions. Some denture work and adjustments can be done on location.  Once adjusted your elderly family member will feel immediate relief from pain. We are happy to come to your home assess the situation prior to planning any work. This will give you the opportunity to meet us in person and get an idea of what your loved one’s discomfort is about.

Loose dentures:

  Dr Raad is a specialist ( Prosthodontist ) in the fabrication of dentures. Dr Raad has handled a lot of cases where no bone or very little bone was present. As a geriatric dentist he has treated multiple challenging geriatric patients and is very skilled with the elderly. In cases of limited bone Dr Raad will offer to place dental implants that will anchor the dentures and give it more stability. Upper dentures have a better prognosis than lower dentures in general.

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