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What technology is available nowadays ?

  So many times do we get a phone call with a patient asking how much does a crown cost ? What most patients don’t know is that crowns can be made out of multiple materials some twice more expensive then others. Most of the time the patient is clueless about the type of material that is being placed. At Luxor dental we use the highest quality of dental materials to guarantee the best results possible. Hi-tech dentistry includes digital X-rays, white fillings, dental implants and all-ceramic crowns. But it also includes conventional dentistry using the highest material quality.

What is the cost of Hi-Tech dentistry ?

  Using Hi-Tech dentistry saves you money on the long run. The material last longer and wears slower than cheaper material. For example if we use white filling instead of silver filling we don’t need to remove as much tooth structure to keep the filling in. On the long run that means you won’t need a crown in a couple of years on that tooth because it’s starting to crack because of a large filling. A extra $75 to a $100 today might have saved you $900 down the road and so forth. Also white fillings are better for your health because they don’t contain any mercury like silver ones. For crowns, all ceramic and precious metal like gold are better for your health, the cheaper base metal tends to oxidize (rust) over time and causes gum discoloration.

 Can you make my crown the same day ?

  Technology brings a lot of positive things to dentistry. Excess technology or relying too much on technology is not always a good thing. Same day all ceramic crowns are very convenient but used by inexperienced dentist can lead to disasters. Dr Raad with his specialty in Prosthodontics has taught other dentist on how to use and design CEREC crowns and other crown in a day systems. With this experience under his belt Dr Raad will prepared and design your crown from start to finish. Call us today at (925)922-4633 so we can get you in and explain to you how crwon in one day works. Dr Raad has researched ceramics and knows it is one of the best material to use nowadays. Dr Raad also masters conventional crown fabrication and depending on your specific case he will advise as to which material to use.



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