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What are Lumineers and how do they work ?

  Lumineers are very thin baked ceramic layers used to restore your smile and dentition. They are similar to veneers with the exception that very little if any tooth structure is removed from the tooth.

Am I a good candidate for Lumineers ?

  The best cases to do Lumineers are the ones where tooth structure is already missing. Good examples are decayed, broken, chipped or congenitally small teeth.Lumineers placed on normal sized virgin teeth result in bulky and thick non natural looking teeth.

What are common problems with Lumineers ?

  The disadvantage is that almost all Lumineers result in a bulge around the gum area that is very hard to clean and maintain. This bulge becomes a food and plaque trap and results in gum inflammation and redness. In other instances patient complain that teeth are bulky or thick because of the extra layer of ceramic. The bulge by the gum line is due to the thin ceramic not blending in with the surrounding tooth structure. The only way to blend the ceramic is to actually grind the tooth similar to a veneer.

 Dr Raad as a Prosthodontist is trained to do Lumineers as well as veneers and he will explain the difference between the two on your consultation day. Call us at (510)789-7189 to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr Raad or leave us a comment in the blog area on the main page.

What are the steps to get Lumineers ?

  If the tooth is chipped the sharp edges are smoothed. Decay has to be removed if present. The advantage is that no shot is needed or additional tooth structure removed. The impression is taken and sent to a special Lumineers lab for fabrication. Patient will come back for a second visit for insertion.

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