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Can Dr Raad extract my wisdom teeth ? Or do I need to go to an oral surgeon ?

  Dr Raad is a specialist, he received 3 years of additional training in prosthetics and surgery at Boston Univeristy after 5 years of dental school. He is trained to extract wisdom teeth and perform them on a regular basis. If the patient is anxious or the tooth is close to the nerve, Dr Raad will inform you that an Oral surgeon is better trained to extract those type of teeth. Dr Raad is not an Oral surgeon but he does extract wisdom teeth on a regular basis without putting you to sleep. With his gentle technique patients experience very little swelling or discomfort after surgery .This is a sample of the oral surgery procedures Dr Raad performs.

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Oral Surgeon Dublin

Notice the curved root and amount of bone surrounding the tooth

Oral Surgeon Pleasanton

Notice the angle of Impaction

Wisdom teeth removal

very minimal bone has been removed during the extraction process

Do I need to be put to sleep ?

  Dr Raad always suggest that patients avoid being sedated for wisdom teeth extraction. When you are completely sedated the surgeon tends to handle the tissue and bone roughly. This results in excessive swelling and pain after surgery. When you are awake the surgeon tends to be more gentle on your tissue and you will swell less. On another hand the cost of removing wisdom teeth at an oral surgeon office is very high mainly because of the general sedation costs. If the case is moderate to simple you could avoid these additional unnecessary expenses.

Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth ?

  It all has to do with how the wisdom teeth present themselves clinically and on the X-rays. Dr Raad will recommend extracting non erupted or impacted wisdom teeth because they tend to cause crowding, decay and gum disease with time. Extracting wisdom teeth at younger age is much easier with less post operative swelling and discomfort. Bone becomes denser with age and the teeth become almost glued to the bone which complicates wisdom teeth extractions at a later age.

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My wisdom tooth was hurting two days ago now it’s fine ? I shouldn’t worry … It’s fine right ?

  You couldn’t be more wrong. The pericoronal sac that surrounds the tooth goes through inflammation cycles. The inflammation grows big then is put down by our immune system only to come back stronger after a couple of days. Dr Raad will have a look at the tissue surrounding your tooth and might recommend extracting the wisdom tooth. Failure to act will cause the infection to spread which results in swelling and pain. When this occur, the surgery becomes more complicated and you will have to be put on antibiotics for a couple of days prior to being able to extract the tooth.

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