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TMJ treatment / Jaw pain

What is joint pain ?

  When under stress patients tend to place inadvertently a lot of pressure on their teeth. This pressure is exerted by the muscles of mastication attached to the jaw. These muscles become irritated, inflamed and start hurting. One of the main places where those muscles attach is close to the mandicular joint which causes pain in that area. At this stage it is essential that patients seek TMJ treatment to avoid further complications. Sometimes we notice some chipped teeth. It is essential to address this issue with regards to the real cause behind the teeth chipping. Filling the teeth or crowning them doesn’t solve the problem and a night is required at this stage.

Who can provide TMJ treatment ?

  Dr Michel Raad is a specialist in diagnosing TMJ problems and TMJ treatment. He will examine your mouth, palpate your muscles and look at the damaged teeth. After assessing the situation he will recommend the best course of action. In some occasion where symptoms are still silent. If Dr Raad sees evidence of grinding and excessive pressure, he will recommend a night guard even if no pain is present as a preventative measure.

Is TMJ surgery the first course of action ?

  When TMJ treatment is needed, oral surgeons might recommend surgery too early. It is essential to understand that surgery is an irreversible process that involves irreversible damage to your joint. It is always recommended that TMJ treatment always be initiated with a reversible procedure like a night guard to keep the teeth apart and the muscles relaxed. If symptoms do not subside with this device then other alternative should be considered.

What are the symptoms of TMJ ?

  TMJ can present itself in a multitude of forms. It could be earache, muscle ache, toothache or radiating ache to other areas of the face or upper body. Most of the time, patients consult with their physicians first but no infection or cause is found for their pain. It is not very common that a physician would refer a patient to the Prosthodontist who is the specialist in TMJ. A Prosthodontist is who you should seek for answers regarding your TMJ problems. Call us now at (925)922-4633 to schedule your consultation with Dr Raad today.

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