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What are veneers ?

  They are very thin layers of baked ceramic that are bonded to your tooth to give it a perfect cosmetic look. Veneers have very limited applications. A Prosthodontist like Dr Raad needs to be consulted to determine if you are a good candidate.

What are the right applications ?

  When a small portion of the tooth is missing or on a discolored tooth. A Tooth with a very large filling is not a good candidate. Veneers rely on the high bond to enamel to stay in place. On teeth that are missing big parts the enamel is very limited thus the bond of the veneers is much inferior. This results in breakage and de-bonding. Dr Raad is a specialist in veneers and will guide you through the process.

How long will veneers last ?

  Veneers can be done on any tooth but the main question is how long will they last. The main things to look for is grinding patterns, edge to edge dentition and other damaging aspects of the dentition that will make veneers fail.

Is Dr Raad the right person to do my veneers ?

  Dr Raad is a Prosthodontist. It is the only American Dental Association recognized specialty to perform veneers and other cosmetic procedures. He has performed multiple procedures to the big satisfaction of his patients.

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