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Emergency dentist

24 / 7 Emergency dentist coverage call us now (925)922-4633

For your convenience our emergency dentists will answer your phone anytime you have a concern. Gone are the days where you have to wait till Monday morning to be seen while you are suffering. Call us now at (925)922-4633 so we can answer your questions.

What to do when in pain ?

First of all call us at (925)922-4633 so you can come in that same day so we relieve your pain. When pain occurs do not delay consulting Dr Zeba Siddiq or Dr Michel Raad. Your body is programmed to inform you when a dental emergency occurs. Waiting to see your dentist only aggravates the situation and puts you in a spot where you will incur more financial costs due to the degradation of your dentition. Call our office at (925)922-4633 to schedule a dental emergency appointment so we can determine what is the root cause and the available solutions. We believe that an informed patient is an empowered patient and this is why we have a contact form for non urgent questions.


If you fall and hit something hard and your tooth comes out completely or becomes loose you need to see an emergency dentist immediately. Dip the tooth in your own saliva or milk and store it in a cup till you make it to the dentist. If the tooth has any dirt or contaminant on it rinse it with water before you dip it. Try to make it to the dental office ASAP and Dr Raad will try to re-implant the tooth and secure it with some wires. After a couple of days the tooth will require a RCT. In the future you will most probably need to replace that tooth with a dental implant or a bridge but you will never be toothless


Toothache is a real and serious dental emergency that can develop in a life treatening emergency. Especially if the pain is persistent and the tooth pain wakes you up at night. It can be the result of a broken tooth or decay reaching the nerve of the tooth. If it is mild and you address it immediately you might be able to resolve it with a filling. If you wait to act, the decay will reach the nerve, the pain becomes persistent and you will need a root canal and a crown. It is important to see an emergency dentist immediately when you feel any discomfort on your teeth.

Call us now at (925)922-4633 to speak with an emergency dentist

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