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Root Canals

Do Root canals hurt ?

  The longer you wait to address a tooth that has a large decay the more the infection spreads. Reaching a certain size, the infection overwhelms the body and your body doesn’t respond to anesthesia anymore. Thus when a friend tells you that a root canal was painful, chances are that your friend waitied till the pain was untolerable or till swelling actually occurred before he took care of the tooth. If the root canal procedure is performed on the spot and without any delay the pain is very minimal. The only discomfort you might be fealing is some slight discomfort upon chewing for a day or two after the procedure.

Root canal ? How do I know if I need one ?

  First and foremost don’t play the guessing game. Our body is programmed to inform us if our organs are doing well. So if you’re in pain chances are something is wrong. Same applies to teeth. If a tooth is hurting chances are it needs to be checked.If you haven’t been to the dentist in the past 6 month give us a call at (925)922-4633 so we can diagnose your pain. When decay/cavity is left untreated it grows larger till it reaches the nerve of the tooth. Once the cavity reaches the nerve, bacteria present in the cavity infect the canal and causes an infection. This infection is irreversible and causes the nerve to die. Like any organic tissue that dies it decomposes and bacteria and pus results. These material spew into your bone and gums and cause the pain and subsequent infection.

How can the root canal be treated ?

The tooth is opened first and the cavity removed. The nerve canals are cleaned with a series of files that remove all the infected tissue. The canal are subsequently filled with a rubbery material called Gutta percha using a sealer to keep it in place. The procedure takes around 60 min for a front tooth and possible 90 to 120 min for a back tooth.

How many canals my tooth has ?

  Canal anatomy is different from a tooth to another and from a patient to another. Most front teeth have one canals. Premolars have one to two and molars have at least 3 sometimes 4 or more.

Root Canal Vs implant

  We always encourage our patients and help them to keep their teeth on the arch. Same applies here. Finances should never be the sole decision maker in whether to keep a tooth or extract it. Thus if possible always try to save the tooth.

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