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White filling

Do you know what you are getting in your mouth ?

  Very few patients know that dental materials used inside your mouth play a big role in the outcome of the procedure. When prices are slashed, chances are your dentist is using cheaper material to restore your teeth. The result is that you will need to change those restorations multiple times over the course of your life. Be an informed consumer and ask what is being placed inside your mouth.

What are white or tooth colored fillings ?

  They are called composites and they are made out of resins. They require removal of less tooth structure compared to silver fillings also called amalgams. Also they do not release any toxic chemicals into your system like amalgams who release small quantities of mercury.

Should I remove all my silver fillings and change them to white fillings ?

  We don’t recommend removing silver fillings if they are in good shape. If they are cracked or leaking we will inform you and will change them readily. For patients who request to have those fillings changed we will be more than happy to accommodate them for esthetic or health reasons.

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