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Pediatric Dentist

What is pediatric dentistry ?

  It is one of nine recognized dental specialties. Dr Siddiq is not a pedodontist but is trained to perform pediatric dentistry procedures on your child. Not every child needs to be referred to a pedodontist. Dr Siddiq will guide you through the process of reducing your child’s anxiety at the dental office and will work with the parents to treat their children.

How can Dr Siddiq help my anxious child ?

  Dr Siddiq is very gentle and patient with kids. These qualities alone make a big difference in whether your child will stay anxious for the rest of his life each time he sits on a dental chair. Dr Siddiq believes that the time spent in the early years of a child introducing him to the dental office as a pleasant place will pay off in the future. Don’t let your child be seen by a dentist who lacks the patience and compassion to treat children. Your child will be traumatized and sedation becomes the only way work could be performed.

How can I tell if my child needs to be seen by a Pediatric Dentist ?

  The best way initially is to have your child around when you go for your own dental appointments and let the child explore the general dental office and get used to it before he is actually seen there for work. Once the ice is broken and he goes home with a little toy, then you have more bargaining power to bring him back for another visit for his check up if he’s not asking you himself to go back. If those initial appointments go smooth then you’re in the clear. If the family dentist can’t appease your child, the best way is to immediately refer and not even attempt working unless the child is cooperating fully.

Do children have to be put to sleep ?

  Absolutely not ! General anesthesia and sedation has a lot of inherent risks. These types of sedation should be left for more serious procedures or complex cases. Having said that, the parents and dentist like Dr Siddiq play a big role in introducing the child to the dentist office. The main focus of pediatric dentistry is to prevent decay and child anxiety. Children who are brought regularly to the dental office tend to grow less anxious of the dentist. Avoiding a change of dentist also plays a big role in the early stage


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