Need A Healthier Smile?


Your natural teeth serve you best when it comes to eating, speaking and your appearance. But there are times when our dentists may need to remove one or more of your teeth to keep your smile healthy or prepare you for treatment. We provide tooth extractions in San Ramon, California. If you are concerned about one of your teeth or if you would just like to meet with Dr. Michel Raad or Dr. Zeba Siddiq to improve your smile, contact Luxor Dental at 925-922-4633.

In dentistry, the removal of a tooth is referred to as a tooth extraction, and it is typically the last treatment our dentists will recommend, after all other options for saving your natural tooth have been discussed. If a tooth extraction is deemed the most effective route for restoring your fully functional, healthy smile, we will be happy to help you decide on a tooth replacement treatment that is best for your smile.

There are many reasons why our team may recommend a tooth extraction as the best course of action. These include:

  • The tooth and much of its supporting bone structure have been destroyed by severe infection.
  • The tooth has severely decayed and can no longer support a restoration.
  • There are too many teeth to fit properly in your mouth, causing crowding.

When you visit our office for your tooth extraction, our team will take great care to ensure the entire procedure is comfortable and pain free. We will provide a thorough explanation of the entire process to help keep you in the know, including detailed instructions for your post-treatment healing period. To learn more about tooth extractions, call or visit us today. Our team will be happy to schedule you a consultation with our dentists, and we look forward to helping you improve your smile!

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