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What is a crown made of ?

  A Crown (Cap) can be made of a combination of metal and ceramic or can be metal free. If metal is chosen as a substructure it is preferable to choose one with a high percentage of gold rather than base metal. Most insurances will cover the cheaper type but they tend to corrode ( rust ) in the mouth.

Why do I need a crown ? How do I know if I need one ?

  In most instances, you may have a large filling that replaces more than 50% of your tooth. If you look in the mirror and all you see is silver or filling material on a tooth, chances are you need a crown. When at the dentist ask him to identify on your x-rays which is the filling and which is your own tooth structure to better understand why you need a crown. Crowns are recommended to repair a broken tooth or to prevent breakage of a weakened tooth.

How long does a crown last ?

  It is hard to estimate a crown’s life in such a dynamic environment as the oral cavity. It depends on a lot of parameters. Some of these parameters relate to the patient and others to the dentist and materials used. That is why it is essential for complex cases or when multiple crowns are needed to go to a specialist. The cement used, the shape in which the crown was cut to and material used to fabricate the crown play a major role in it’s survival. The more experience the dentist the better chances your crown will last for many years to come. A crown is not supposed to fall off unless your dentist informed you that the tooth has a very bad prognosis and you still went ahead and asked him to place a crown on it.

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