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Dental bridge

What is a dental bridge ?

  A bridge replaces a missing tooth. It requires cutting the teeth neighboring the empty space. A dental bridge replaces 3 crowns and rests on two of them. In some instances Dr Raad might recommend you to get a dental implant instead. In cases where the neighboring teeth are virgin teeth or have no or very little decay it is advisable to get a dental implant.

What is the cost of a dental bridge ?

  The average cost of a dental bridge is similar to the cost of single dental implant. In some instances doing the implant might be more beneficial financially and health wise. Some patients who are not good candidate for dental implants or in areas where esthetic results are hard to achieve with dental implants.

Is it easy to clean under a dental bridge ?

  A special floss and brush is used to clean underneath the bridge. Failure to do so will result in decay recurring and inflammation in the gums.

What is a dental bridge made off ?

  A combination of multiple materials can be used to fabricate a dental bridge. A mixture of gold and other metals, a mixture of non-gold metals that tend to corrode after sometime in the mouth and finally ceramics. Even though ceramic bridges do not fit as good as metal based ones they fit is still good to make them last for many years. Depending on your situation Dr Raad will recommend either or. Dr Raad is a specialist in crown and bridge fabrication and the best cases of use.

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