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Denture dentist

What is a denture dentist ?

A denture dentist or Prosthodontist is a dentist that went for 3 years of additional training to learn how to make dentures. Unlike your average dentist Dr Raad will be able to make you a natural looking set of dentures. Dr Raad also trained in placing dental implants under the dentures to secure them and preserve the bone underneath.

Why should I chose your office to make my denture ?

If you are looking for the best and most natural results then you have to come and see our denture dentist Dr Raad who has made 1000’s of dentures. Dr Raad is a specialist in custom denture fabrication. Unlike any other dental office you ( the patient ) will personally be involved into sculpting their own smile. We use very high quality brand name materials and give the patient the luxury of a couple of trials before finalizing the denture.

What are the different types of dentures ?

Regular dentures are two types. Regular tissue supported dentures and teeth supported over-dentures. Another alternative is to receive dental implants and have an implant supported denture.

Did you know that a Prosthodontist is the specialist who is an expert in denture making ? A prosthodontist is the only denture dentist and specialist at the same time

Dr Raad went to 3 years of additional training to learn how to fabricate dentures. Dr Raad taught at Boston University how to design and fabricate dentures. With his advanced knowledge and top brand materials Dr Raad can custom make you custom fitting dentures that look natural.

Is it OK to have painful dentures ?

  Patients tend to misunderstand why their dentures are painful. Most of the time patients will self diagnose themsleves and recommend remedies that only exacerbate the situation. Painful dentures, loose dentures or dentures requiring glue to stay in place are NOT the norm. A good denture has to have good suction when placed inside the mouth. It must resist any force to remove it. The bite has to be even on both sides and usually front anterior teeth do not touch.

Is it time to replace my dentures ?

If your teeth are flat or the base became oversized then it is time to act. Don’t wait till your barely able to chew and you have large sores in your mouth. At this point fabricating a new denture because very challenging.

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