Luxor Dental, Prosthodontics & Implant Surgery

Family Dentistry

Gentle, professional and specialized care for the entire family

Dr Siddiq is trained to handle the most challenging cases in dentistry. You can entrust her your entire family and rest assured that they will be treated with respect and honesty. Dr Siddiq is a general dentist and devotes herself to welcoming the patients into our practice and handling their everyday dental needs. Dr Raad with his specialty degree handles the patients with very complex dental needs. With his advanced degree in Prosthodontics Dr Raad is trained and has trained other dentists at Boston Univeristy in perfecting the art of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Raad is also trained to placed dental implants and perform surgeries.

starting with the parents and focusing on their children too. Dr Siddiq encourages parents to bring their kids to the dental office as early as two years old so they accustomed to this new environment. Dr Siddiq has a very effective approach with kids in making them feel safe, comfortable and avoid them any stress. At Luxor dental we understand how stressful a dentist appointment can be to a child and we would like to make it a pleasant experience. Dr Siddiq will examine the teeth on the first appointment and clean them. Sometimes Dr Siddiq will recommend a deep cleaning when the gums are very inflammed. It is recommended that patients and their children come back each six month for regular check ups and cleanings.

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