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Snap On Smile

What is a Snap On Smile ?

  Snap on Smile is similar to temporary crowns that your dentist might fabricate in the process of making a permanent crown. It is not a method of treatment neither does it represent the standard of care in dentistry. It is helpful in filling gaps between the teeth when the patient can’t afford more expensive and specialized treatment. It is important to inform patients that decay and gum disease has to be treated prior to using Snap On Smile and that snap on Smile won’t cure the existing problems the patient has. Once decay and gum disease have been treated, Snap On Smile has no negative effects on the dentition. It is essential for prospective patients to understand that it is unethical to place Snap On Smile in the presence of decay and other disease underlying. In the population of seekers of Snap On Smile, almost 90 % have an underlying condition they are unaware of. Your teeth might look bigger, taller and bulkier when you put the snap on smile in. This is mainly due to the fact that the snap on smile sits on top of your existing teeth like a jacket, thus making the teeth look and feel bigger. Your bite might be open with a snap on smile which is not a big problem if you had worn your dentition out over the years. Call us today at (925)922-4633 for a Snap On Smile consultation and to discuss your options.

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